Sea Rescue Coordination meeting for the Kattegatt area

The Sea Rescue Coordination meeting for the Kattegatt area was briefed recently on SMACS, by Jesper Jensen of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS).
The objective of the meeting was to find ways of cooperating between different agencies and volunteer organisations.

The event was hosted by the Swedish Maritime Organisation.
Co host was The port of Gothenburg Inc and the event took place in Göteborg on Port vessel “M/S Hamnen”.


Participants were key stakeholders in the maritime industry in the region including :
Stena Line AB (Ferry line)
Gothenburg Pilots (Swedish Maritime Administration)
Swedish Maritime Organisation
VTS Gothenburg (Swedish Maritime Administration)
Port of Gothenburg AB (City of Gotheburg)
Naval Control, South of Sweden (Swedish Navy)
Swedish Sea Rescue Organisation (headoffice and rescue stations Rörö and Hovås)
Swedish Sea Police (Swedish Police)
JRCC Sweden (Swedish Maritime Administration)
Gothenburg Fire Brigade, maritime
Öckerö Fire Bridgade (Muncipality of Öckerö)

This and all the similar publicity and education regarding the work being undertaken by the SMACS team brings us a step closer to the objective – A safer Arctic for small craft mariners.

Invited but not able to participate

Swedish Coast Guard, Gothburg

Swedish Sea Rescue Helicopter, Säve (Swedish Maritime Administration)

PKMC (Crisis Coordination Center for Västra Götaland)

SOS Alarm AB, Göteborg (112 alarm central)

Sahlgrenska hospital (Gothenburg City)

Further information will be forwarded to the participants together with the SMACS questionnaire.