SMACS Survey

The SMACS Online Survey is now available here. To achieve its target of making the Arctic a safer place for small craft mariners, an important aspect of our work in SMACS is to obtain the inputs and opinions of all stakeholders with an interest in small craft safety and survival in the Arctic. These stakeholders include

  • Native Arctic small craft mariners in the fishing, commercial, tourism and leisure sectors
  • Native Arctic small craft mariners who use small craft as part of their daily way of life
  • Small craft mariners from any location planning to visit the Arctic regions for fishing, commercial, tourism or leisure purposes
  • Maritime training providers
  • Search and rescue personnel
  • Mariners representative organisations
  • Maritime policy makers
  • Providers of maritime safety and survival equipment

The inputs from stakeholders will help to shape the content and structure of the SMACS Training Course so that it is of maximum benefit to Arctic mariners. We would also like to engage in direct conversation with stakeholders who are interested in sharing their ideas and opinions in more detail than is possible in an online survey. You can contact SMACS by either providing your contact details in the survey or by simply completing the form here.