New additions to the CIT SMACS team

A new team based in the Nimbus Centre, CIT, Ireland have joined the SMACS project and will be responsible for developing the assessment component for the SMACS course.

CIT team

The team are busy discussing ideas, drawing paper protoypes and exploring ways to deliver a unique online experience. Developing dynamic quizzes based on real time weather data, interactive 3D models of boats and responsive maps are early concepts aimed at testing the SMACS students knowledge and understanding of course material.

While their experiences with the sea have been limited to mackerel fishing, surfing and a ferry trip to France they have considerable expertise in softwate development and experience working together on a range of eLearning projects within Nimbus. Looking forward to hearing from any project partners who might have suggestions or ideas for this assessment component.

The new team members are:

Alex Joyce – eLearning Co-Ordinator

Kevin O’Mahony – Interaction Designer

John Sheehy – Software Developer