Arctic Mariners

Life today for small craft Arctic mariners

Climate change is having a major impact on the daily life in the Arctic. Here we provide some links to testimony and reports on the impact of climate change, particularly on maritime activity.


Historic and current Arctic small craft mariners

Some of the historic and more recent Arctic small craft mariners are listed below. The definition of “small craft” is one for debate but a broad definition of craft that could be viewed as either small in size or as having small crews for typical Arctic conditions is what we are using here. With some regret, this excludes some of the great exploration expeditions by the Rosses, Nordenskiöld, Bering, Parry, Barentz, McClure and many others. Many of the Arctic sailing trawlers on the great cod fisheries of the North Atlantic and Arctic also come under the definition of “small craft” (as do some modern Arctic trawlers) but naming individual vessels and captains is difficult. Many mariners native to the Arctic countries use small craft in their daily life but, again, naming individuals is difficult. The Search and Rescue vessels of the Arctic countries are certainly also small craft but these are linked elsewhere on the SMACS website. Aside from the broad definition of “small craft”, there is no policy around inclusion or exclusion of names and suggestions for additions are always welcome through the SMACS “Contact us” link on the Home page.