Arctic Maritime Training

The SMACS aim is to facilitate learning for all categories and locations of maritime learners by combining different methods of training delivery and learning – e-learning, simulators, mobile training units and local/national training providers. Based on the information collected from engagement with maritime stakeholders, SMACS will develop a suite of training modules for small craft mariners operating in harsh Artic Conditions. These modules will be built into an Arctic Small-Craft Safety Training Library from which modules can selected and assembled to meet the training needs of different grades and communities of learners. If you would like to have an influence on the development of the SMACS Training Programme, please complete the SMACS survey link to survey

The SMACS partners are themselves strongly involved in maritime training delivery. NMCI and Chalmers provide a wide range of academic and professional development courses while the training schools of the SAR partners MSSTC, NSSR and SSRS provide training for both their own rescue crews and for other mariners. For example, every year, NSSR take their training ship to Northern Norway to deliver “Sikkerhets Opplæring For Fiskere” (Safety Training for Fishermen). The blog for the 2012 training voyage can be viewed here.

The IASST is an association of safety and survival training organizations whose mission is to facilitate the exchange of information on matters relating to safety in the maritime environment and to promote continuous improvement in safety and survival training internationally. SMACS MSSTC partner representative, Captain Hilmar Snorrason, has been Chairman of IASST for a number of years.

Click on the links provided for more information on Maritime Training Providers in the NPP regions of Norway and Scotland.