SMACS adventure in the North 26th-28th May

SMACS team members developed an exciting training mission which was carried out in May 2014. It involved ‘abandoning ship’ and surviving in a 12-person liferaft for 2 days.
The Swedish Sea Rescue Society together with Chalmers conducted an extensive multi-day life raft and Search & Rescue exercise.

Study prolonged stay in a life raft with SOLAS-equipment by filling a life raft for 12 people offshore and letting them stay in the raft dressed in a survival immersion suits and simulate the time for a normal rescue operation in distant waters for 36-48 h. We also observed the rescue capacity of the different surface and air units involved in the SAR portion. As well as the life raft crew┬┤s ability to assist in their own rescue considering their depleted energy/stamina levels and decreased cognitive function.

Crew included Swedish Sea Rescue Society volunteers, Swedish Maritime Administration rescue swimmer, A few nurses, a surgeon, Chalmers researcher, Swedish Lifeguard, Swedish Coast Guard, medical students, sailors and surfers.

To see video footage of the event, keep an eye on the SMACS facebook page.