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SMACS discussion during training in Iceland

It was a beautiful calm morning in Reykjavik last week when another training session was delivered by Capt. Hilmar Snorrason and his team at the Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre ICE-SAR. Another group of small-boat fishermen were introduced to the SMACS program and other important life-saving safety training. These training sessions improve the daily […]

Slysavarnaskóli sjómanna SMACS discussion

Yesterday Capt. Hilmar Snorrason, Principal, Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre ICE-SAR (Skólastjóri Slysavarnaskóla sjómanna), Reykjavik, Iceland and his team had a meeting with 20 fishermen on small boats at the Maritime Safety and Survival Training Centre (Slysavarnaskóli sjómanna) about SMACS. These fishermen where participating in refresher course in basic safety and survival which they […]

SMACS article in An Cosantóir magazine

Paul Shanahan of the NMCI Halpin Centre published an article on SMACS in the October 2013 ‘An Cosantóir’ magazine. This magazine has a widespread distribution among naval personnel in Ireland and internationally and the article is excellent publicity for SMACS with links to the online survey. The article gives a great overview of the work […]

SMAC’s team visit BIM, Greencastle, Co. Donegal, Ireland

The SMAC’s team recently visited the excellent BIM training college in Greencastle Co. Donegal, Ireland. There we had a meeting with the college president Jimmy Hegarty and Karl Vekins. The college in Greencastle would be very capable of delivering the SMAC’s training programme. Karl would be very supportive e-learning and believes it is a good […]

SMACS teams developing connections

A member of the SMACS team visited Jamie young and Shane young at their home in Killary harbour where they run the Killary adventure centre. They are back from their trip to Greenland where their furthest north was above 72⁰ North. A quote from one of the locals to Jamie “Polar Bears are our cows, […]

SMACS international conference calls

The SMACS team are located in various countries of the Northern Pheriphery area and meet regularly as a team using Skype. A screen capture from a recent meeting is shown here. We find modern technology invaluable for keeping good team communications. Much use is made of email and telephone too. Face-to-face team meetings are held […]